Lake Worth Beach waterfront Homes for Sale

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These are all the Lake Worth waterfront homes for sale on the intracoastal and canals. 

There are no oceanfront homes in Lake Worth Beach. You must go over the bridge and look in  South Palm Beach, Ocean Ridge, Palm Beach, Lantana. Manalapan or several other coastal cities.

Your Waterfront Home

How would it feel gazing out the window at striking views of a heavenly waterfront in  South Florida? 

The words that come to mind are breathtaking, spectacular, mesmerizing, and tranquility.  Some of the most luxurious Lake Worth Beach waterfront homes for sale are on the intracoastal water. 

Turn your dream of living in a waterfront home into a reality. 

What is it you want?

How about having your sailboat or yacht moored mere feet away from the calming waters? If you cannot do without soaking up the endless natural beauty and experiencing the open waters, then some of the Lake Worth Beach waterfront properties will blow your mind.

Outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, paddleboarding, and lazy beach days make sure a salt life.

From ultra-modern homes to Spanish style casas by the sea. What type of home are you looking for?  

The Waterfront

You can look forward to owning your dream home in Lake Worth Beach (previously known as Lake Worth) and enjoying every bit of what a lavish waterfront lifestyle offers. 

Waterfront properties alone offer various choices at diverse price points on the intracoastal waterway, canal, or lake.  Many with access to the Atlantic Ocean. 

Waterfront homes in Lake Worth Beach are amongst some of the most sought-after in Palm Beach County. Regardless of what type of home you want. Whether it's a condo, a townhome, or country club home.

About Lake Worth Beach

Lake Worth Beach is a quaint town.  It has the feel of an older charming shopping and dining district. Located about 60 miles north of downtown Miami, Lake Worth Beach is a coastal town in Palm Beach County, FL. 

Real estate in Lake Worth Beach encompasses seven square miles of Palm Beach County. It’s historic and has contemporary charm; it’s peaceful yet pulsating—all the right reasons to call Lake Worth Beach your home. 

Lake Worth Beach is named after the Lake Worth Lagoon, also known as the intracoastal, located along the city’s eastern side.  Lying to the west is Lake Osborne – a stunningly beautiful freshwater lake offering many recreational activities to its residents.

The real estate for sale in Lake Worth Beach and other surrounding neighborhoods incorporates a wide range of architectural home styles and prices. When you decide on settling for your dream home in Lake Worth Beach, reach out, and let's start your journey.

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