Lake Worth Beach Intracoastal Homes for sale

The homes

Search for Lake Worth Beach Intracoastal Homes for sale here. You'll find homes with docks of all sizes. Sorted by highest price to lowest, if you see anything you want to view, please contact me directly to set up an appointment.

The Lifestyle

People that live on the water have the pleasure of sunrises and sunsets and the activities that revolve around the ocean and getting your feet wet.

for some this means boating and others fishing or soaking up the sun. Not having to leave your home to have all the conveniences of water sports and sailing from your own home is sensational. 

About the Area

Lake Worth Beach has an old town feel, since its downtown has charm. It is not crowded with high rises, which makes it more wide open. Homes along the intracoastal are few, with not many homes for sale at any given time.

When looking at waterfront homes in Lake Worth Beach, important items come up like how old is the seawall and has it been replaced or repaired? The condition of this is important to the integrity of the surround ground and your home. Inspections by a qualified seawall and dock contractor will provide you with the knowledge to make a well informed decision.