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      The area of West Palm Beach offers many attractions for those living and visiting. For residents, Elan in the City offers a unique living experience in the heart of the region. Nestled away within the Grandview Heights community, these properties were originally built in 2006.

      41 properties are available in the Elan in the City West Palm Beach community. They have either two or three bedrooms and range in size between 1510 square feet and 2020 square feet and are three stories high, giving the potential for impressive views of the surrounding area from the uppermost floor.

      Amenities and Uniqueness

      Why Elan? 

      Having a property that is truly unique can be hard to find in the West Palm Beach area. However, every property within the Elan in the City West Palm Beach community is designed with unique features. As such, no one property is quite the same as another.

      The townhouses in the Elan in the City community feature custom-made cabinetry, fixtures, and flooring. 

      Community Pool

      There is a private pool for residents.


      For Elan in the City West Palm Beach residents, having access to private, first-floor garage. 

      Prime Location

      A key selling point of the Elan in the City properties – as the name would suggest – is the prime city location. Indeed, these residences are comfortably located in the heart of the Grandview Heights community with close access to downtown West Palm Beach and Rosemary Square.

      The Elan in the City community manages to provide a comfortable, residential feel despite being in such a prime city location. This is a popular selling point for the townhouses and gives access to plenty of local attractions without compromising property privacy or comfort.

      Howard Park Community and Tennis Center

      The Howard Park Community Center is found within the Grandview Heights neighborhood. Set on 14 acres, the park offers a community center and a playground. There is also a dog park and sports facilities. This includes an outdoor tennis center.

      Grandview Public Market 

      The Grandview Public Market is a highly popular, industrial-style market located relatively close to the Elan in the City residences. Numerous food vendors can be found at the market and attractions, including live bands and events. https://www.grandviewpublic.com/

      Dining Opportunities

      Downtown West Palm Beach has numerous dining opportunities, including cafes, tea houses, Italian restaurants, rooftop dining opportunities, bars and grills, steakhouses, and more. The large number of restaurants in the local area ensures ample selection for residents at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, there are several breweries in the local area, too.

      Norton Museum of Art and Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

      Located close to the Elan in the City community is the Norton Museum of Art. The museum offers a selection of displays featuring American, French, and Chinese artworks; it often hosts exhibitions. Meanwhile, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens represents another opportunity for a calm and relaxing day out.

      West Palm Beach Station

      The community is relatively close to the primary West Palm Beach train station, located to the north of the residences.

      Downtown West Palm Beach

      Thanks to its position within the Grandview Heights community, Elan in the City residents can also benefit from having great access to Rosemary Square. Formerly called CityPlace, it is a popular destination among residents and visitors to West Palm Beach alike. It is widely considered to be a key player in the urban renaissance of West Palm Beach!

      Located along South Rosemary Avenue, Rosemary Square offers incredible architecture and sights; however, most individuals visit the area for the many shops. These include approximately 75 restaurants and national/boutique stores, giving plenty of shopping opportunities to Elan in the City residents.

      Rosemary Square

      Elan in the City is located in a prime position for local attractions and facilities. However, there are also a huge amount of other attractions in the West Palm Beach area for residents to explore.

      West Palm Beach is well known for being a region that is highly popular among sports fans. The area offers numerous golf clubs and fitness clubs, both private and public. In addition to this, the intracoastal West Palm Beach waterways are popular among people looking for water sports opportunities.

      The West Palm Beaches themself also offer an excellent destination for getting out in the warm Florida sun and enjoying some fresh air. The scenic views that they offer over the Atlantic coast are most memorable.

      Numerous shopping opportunities are available within the West Palm Beach community too. As we already mentioned, Rosemary Square – right on the doorstep to the Elan in the City community – is highly regarded for its selection of national and boutique stores and dining opportunities. Meanwhile, a little further out, the world-renowned Worth Avenue offers over 200 boutiques, galleries, and restaurants for visitors and residents to spend a day exploring.

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